The First Story That Terrified Me

...or why I can never ever wear a green scarf.
In honor of All Hallow's Read and the giving of scary books, I wanted to share the first story that scared me. There have been great books since then that have creeped me out, made my hair stand on end, and made me keep the light on, but only one story can claim the title of my first scary story.  
When I was very young, I read In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories by Alvin Schwartz. This book was for younger kids (6 to 8), so it was not graced with the truly terrifying images of some of his other books.
It did leave an impression on my young mind, however, and within its pages, I stumbled across a story that completely horrified me. After reading this story, I shoved the book away, covered it with a pillow, and couldn't bear to look at it for days after. Even today, rereading it gives me flashbacks to my childlike fear.
Here it is, for your spooky pleasure, The Green Ribbon.

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