Fun Facts About The VNSA Booksale

The 57th annual VNSA booksale is just around the corner (Feburary 16-17) and hopefully your bookshelves are excited to receive all the new treasures. To get you even more excited about this year's fabulousness, here are some fun facts about the VNSA booksale and all of its awesomeness.

  1. It's not just for books. The VNSA sale has AV, audio, music and games.
  2. The trademark owl was drawn by Family Circus cartoonist Bill Keane.
  3. Members can't buy at the sale. It's true. They're participating for their love of literature. Thank them. Hell, even hug them. You wouldn't believe how much time they've put into this day. Each member works in their section all year, so they have touched each title numerous times and are willing to help attendees find just what they're looking for. "We do the damnedest to get people the book they're looking for," says VNSA volunteer Michele VonKampen. I believe it.
  4. It might seem like madness but it is actually a large-scale exercise in organization. There are 27 separate categories. Study the map before you go and know the difference between sections. For example "fiction" is anything 2003 or newer, "good reads" is 2002-1960 and "treasures" is anything 1960 or older. For the collectors items, stop by "rare and unusual." This is where I purchased my first first edition and I love it dearly.
  5. The different colored aprons are for different levels of participation with the booksale. Blue is for newbies, green is for 25+ years and orange is for 35+ years.
  6. Last year there were 1099 James Patterson books. Just imagine how many others are waiting to be discovered there this year.
  7. Any book VNSA thinks may not sell (overabundance of the title, less than pristine condition, etc) gets donated beforehand. Every book gets a good home :)
Now go impress your friends with your new found trivia and get even more stoked for this year's sale! Even more details can be found at the VNSA Book Sale Facebook page.

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