4 Things To Expect From Incognito

I just closed the final pages of Incognito. Again, beacuse I wanted to give this book a second reading to really nail down my feelings about it. Here's my thoughts -
1. The language was delightful. Eagleman uses alliteration poetically and knows how to coin a phrase. Just delightful.
2. I like footnotes actually at the foot of the page. I like to glance down and have the option to read them. I usually don't but I like having the option. Flipping to the back of the book each time I saw an asterisk got tiring.
3. With my psychology background, I was a little bored (I took a big nerdy interest in psychopharmacology early on). This was definitely meant for people who are not in the field or not really interested in the field. If you are said people, you'll be quite intrigued.
4. The ending was a little abrupt. I like reading a good old-fashioned hardback for many reasons, but a big one is momentum. When I'm just clicking arrows to finish a book (say, on my Kindle) I'm not mentally prepared to savor the ending. The same scenario occured here. The appendix, bibliography, etc., was about 40 pages long, so I felt like the book ended in the middle. Sad day.

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