Congrats To Our Saturday VNSA Raffle Winners!

We're supporting the VNSA by giving books away. We like to encourage this little reading habit you've developed and what better way than with free books?

It was a glorious day. There truly is no better way to spend time than with a group of cheery bibliophiles, is there? The day was a smashing success and every book purchased helped out the VNSA charities. Feels good doesn't it? And now to reward 11 do-gooders with another treasure to add to their collection. Below are Saturday's VNSA booksale raffle winners. Click here for how to claim your new love. After that, all that's left to do is enjoy!

Saturday VNSA booksale raffle winners:
       * 248                * 1127
       * 109                * 567
       * 95                  * 1097
       * 416                * 12
       * 1136              * 125
       * 382

Check back tomorrow when we raffle off the Grand Prize book, a personalized signed copy of Anne Rice's yet-to-be-released The Wolf Gift. And thank you for supporting the VNSA and reading. You're awesome.

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