Our library shelves are untouched. Except by screenwriters.

We're losing our love affair with books. Sadly they're becoming delicate memories of the past, soon to share the fate of mimeographs and film projectors, Walkmans and Polaroids. They seem to only be a source that screenwriters mine for the next summer blockbuster: Fight Club, A Clockwork Orange, I Robot, Minority Report, 1408, Atonement, There Will Be Blood, Bladerunner, Timeline, even the soon-to-be-released The Time Traveler's Wife enjoyed life on the shelves before the glitz and glamour of Hollywood premiers. Yet I will not let them go without a fight and will offer up homage as they fade. You might find there's a spark of curiosity inside you after the credits roll, when you overhear talk of the latest big read, when you want to read but find little that tickles your attention. I will be here to satiate and exhilarate, to revitalize and galvanize, to titillate and narrate in hopes to inspire further curiosity.

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